The main objective of the project HOME+ is to improve the quality of the living environment through natural principles based on most advanced knowledge and high-tech solutions. With our project we will radically change paradigm of separation of building elements, functionality and intelligence. We will develop a close and natural integration of functionality and intelligence directly into the design and materials of the building wrappers. Thus, with the help of ‘natural’ solutions we will achieve a higher level of intelligence and functionality, predominantly without the added electronics and other secondary solutions.

We will develop wall and other wall- or building wrapper-related elements that will contain a constructive ‘natural’ mind, which we will include, as much as possible, into the operation of the whole, with these wall elements designed, structure. Advanced multifunctional construction element of the wrapper will be based on innovative components on the field of Prefabricated XR-LAM wall elements, Supporting DSF element, Humidity, Thermoregulation and thermal conductivity, Sound damping, Antitoxicity – health benefits, Natural illumination, Connectivity to the smart house system.

The project combines three key innovation-oriented companies and one of the leading Slovenian research and development institutions (RO) with the aim of achieving technological breakthroughs, raising productivity among companies, raising the scientific excellence of ROs, transferring accumulated knowledge into market-oriented activities, improving conditions for multidisciplinary integration between the various profiles of experts and achieving international competitiveness. With realisation of the project, the competitive position of the HOME+ Consortium partners in global markets will significantly increase.